17 Ways to Win Easter this Year

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With Easter coming this Sunday, you may be looking for some family friendly activities to keep everyone entertained. Whether you are having a big dinner with your extended family or just keeping it simple with your family at home, we have found some great ideas to keep everyone busy while using up some of those plastic Easter eggs and  jellybeans that are sure to fill up the Easter baskets.

Easter Collage1

  1. Put a twist on tradition with an Easter egg scavenger hunt.
  2. Learn how to draw a cartoon bunny.
  3. Make something beautiful while learning the meaning of Easter with a resurrection garden.
  4. Test your knowledge of physics with these egg catapults.
  5. Have the kids create a treat with these easy crispy rice nests.
  6. Amaze the kids by fitting an egg in a bottle.EasterCollage2
  7. Encourage some healthy competition with jelly bean pick up and other quick family games.
  8. Get those creative juices flowing with a how to draw an Easter egg video.
  9. Make an Easter tree with Peeps.
  10. Reuse some of those plastic Easter eggs to make a snake.
  11. Encourage science exploration with this jelly bean science experiment.
  12. Learn about chemical reactions and propulsion with these egg rockets.Easter Collage3
  13. Step up your egg decorating game.
  14. Encourage problem solving and creativity with jelly bean engineering.
  15. Practice sight words and word families with plastic eggs.
  16. Have the kids assemble an Easter snack they’ll love.
  17. Create some egg parachutes and experiment with gravity.