Top Facebook Posts for March

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In case you missed them on our Facebook page, here are our top posts for March. Be sure to LIKE the Bette Fetter Facebook page (if you haven’t already) to join in the conversation and to follow along as I share ideas and suggestions relevant to visual learners.


March’s Top 5 Facebook Posts

girlsknitGirls Knit Their Way to a Math Career
Interesting! Of course, knitting is not just for girls. What a great way to put the STEAM in STEM.
laptopsAttention Students: Put Your Laptops Away
Handwriting can be a challenge for visual learners but it is essential for their learning. Join my 7 days to Better Handwriting and watch your child’s handwriting improve.
spirolaterals-2a-400x600Practice Multiplication with Simple Spirolateral Art
Math is fun, especially when it’s combined with art.
julia-sesame-street-770x470Meet the New Kid on Sesame Street
Congratulations Sesame Street! Autism is such an individual thing but way to go for addressing something that children are bound to encounter in their lives.
 growthmindsetYoung Adult Novels that Teach Growth Mindset
Our visual learners need to have a growth mindset.