Bette Fetter: Living Life as a Visual Thinker is a podcast exploring what it REALLY means to be a visual thinker and visual learner. My podcast is about adults as visual thinkers but even more – it’s about your kids and what’s working and not working for them at school. Visual thinking is right-brain creative, non-linear, holistic thinking that is often undervalued and overlooked in education and many of our visual learners are struggling in school. But there’s good news and so many ways we can help and it all starts with understanding who they are.

Tune in to my Podcast, Living Life as a Visual Thinker and find out what it REALLY means to be a visual thinker. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. Understand your child. You’ll find out why they’re struggling and what you can do to help.

New episodes are posted every week and can be downloaded for FREE on your iPhone or other favorite device.

Recent Podcasts

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