Top Facebook Posts This Winter

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In case you missed them on our Facebook page, here are our top posts for the last couple of months. Be sure to LIKE the Bette Fetter Facebook page (if you haven’t already) to join in the conversation and to follow along as I share ideas and suggestions relevant to visual learners.


Winter’s Top 5 Facebook Posts

Keep Them Passionately Curious
The need to ask questions becomes obsolete if we are always giving the answer before they get a chance to ask the question. Keep them asking.
1-z7eoMvlFsIlPL2LpwtcYAwLead by Example, Through education and with Hope
“Never doubt that if we develop our children’s minds, nurture their hearts, and make sure they know they are safe and welcome in their schools — no matter who they are — the future of our country is strong.”
What to Tell Parents Who Say Art Doesn’t Matter
Some things we all need to remember when it comes to being told art is not important.
58330fff180000ef0b30f32cHow to Help Kids Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts
Does your intuitive, sensitive, visual learner get stuck in negative thoughts?
 A Child’s Brain Develops Faster with Exposure to Music Education
Exposure to music and music instruction accelerates the brain development of young children in the areas responsible for language development, sound, reading skill and speech perception.